Friday, January 20, 2012

Bourbon and Blogger

So, logging back in to add a new post and... bam! Hit with a Google request... Since Google is already linked with blogger they want me to consolidate. Ok, ok. Fine. But did they HAVE to change the interface? I don't remember all my font settings and they're different! I think! Maybe! Who knows. I have to go back and check everything, find where the settings and formatting options are hiding. I really should have just learned to code a decade ago, as planned.

Evan Williams 2001 Single  Barrel
Anyway, the nice chaps at Master of Malt sent me a bourbon sample! Yay! This one is Evan Williams 2001 Single Barrel, coming in at 43.3%abv.  This one was aged for a decade before bottling by Heaven Hill. The result? Yum. Yes, I might say that often, but this is one smooth, tasty bourbon. A bit of spice, a bit of that vanillay-caramelly flavor, but nothing to overpower you. Therein lies its danger. It is an easy-drinking bourbon, even neat. Almost a bit too easy for a good sippin' whisky.

Not sure if you like bourbons? Or do you call Jack a bourbon (don't get me started)? Then give this one a try! You can of course, grab a dram sample from Master of Malt, or just buy a whole bottle. You'll like it! And if you don't, just send it my way and I will make sure it doesn't go to waste.

I am, of course, always on the lookout for new whiskies to sample, so if you see one you'd like me to try, just let me know!  I will be happy to try before you buy...