Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I suck at blogging

Yep, I am terrible at keeping up with stuff. Life tends to take over! But as I am currently in bed on doctor's orders, I figured it was time to start this blogging malarkey again!

The holiday period is coming to an end. My inbox is still inundated with the SALES!! emails, because...oh... we need more stuff, right? I managed to survive another year of trying to explain that no, my family doesn't miss me at Christmas. *sigh* Two work colleagues actually confessed that they first heard about Hanukkah on Friends. Yes. Friends. I almost cried. I have to remind myself that it isn't their fault, but the stupid religious education system here... "diversity" means Protestants AND Catholics.

Anyway, the New Year looms and I am looking forward to seeing the back of 2014. I had some fun, but the second half of the year got bogged down with health issues, work stress, and having to deal with drooling mouth-breathers. I'm not going to do resolutions... that stupid mad-cap rush to better yourself that lasts 3 days if you're lucky. I am, however, going to lose the dreaded holiday weight. Not for any lame health reasons, nor some chick-magazine-inspired loss of self esteem, but for the simple fact that I have costumes to wear! The ruddy things are skin tight and I will not have another "zipper incident of Raphoe" on my hands! Or my hips, as it were.