Thursday, April 17, 2008

I made a blog..

Well, what can I say? I joined the ranks of bloggers! And first up in my opening post is the latest news.  Tomorrow is my last shift at the wine shoppe.  I'm tired of it, and standing for hours on tile floors is not good for one's back. Also, I got my purple belt in JuJitsu Monday night.  I am just recovering from muscle time for tonight's class!

In terms of "us", Iain made it onto the Foreman's Course!  It is in September in Dorset.  As for our move, all is up in the air. If there is ample accommodation, I suspect we will move in late August. If there isn't accommodation, well, I might have to stay here in N.I. a bit longer.  The downside of that is that I might have to move across town!  However, nothing is certain until it's written in black&white and triplicate...and you have the new house keys.  So...more on that as I find out!