Saturday, August 30, 2008

and the move goes on..

And the countdown begins!  I have less than a week before I move...a mile across town.  My movers are scheduled to pack Friday morning and unpack Friday afternoon.  So, being slightly more adventurous movers (or realizing they in fact take too many tea breaks to get the job done in a day), they call to come Thursday afternoon to "pre-pack".  There goes my afternoon of getting things ready my way.  Oh well.  Loki will be hurried off to the kennels in the morning, and I will make sure the packing men are gone by 6.  I have a JuJitsu class to get to, and well, since I asked to be moved on a Friday for a reason....they can just work faster!

The good news about the move is that the army will make sure the electric is switched on so all I have to do is call and switch the account address.  The phone SHOULD be on, but they can't tell me how long it will be before my DSL is up and running.  And my satellite TV...I called too'll be a whole week before they can come out and get the new equipment up.  With any luck, I'll get a basic signal from the existing dish and not miss NCIS or Private Practice.  We are sadly way behind in TV.  I haven't even seen ads for the second season of Army Wives!

With luck...I'll have internet shortly after the move, get everything all set up to my liking, and perhaps won't be plagued by the bored teenagers who come around my current neighborhood at night and drink...