Thursday, October 16, 2008

sun? rain? both!

As I sit here in the bi-polar weather that is all Irish, I figured I'd write another blog!  All is going just peachy on the home-front.  Loki doesn't get all the walks he should because as soon as we're ready to go, the heavens open up.

Say hi, Loki! "tgujjgnb!"  So he's not the best typist. :)

He has, however, recovered from his challah-consuming incident and is as goofy as ever.  My house repairs are finally done, and my dryer is actually connected to an outside vent!  The insurance company came through with a payment (better than nothing, but sure wouldn't pay for a new sofa like the one that got damaged) and the check is at the bank!  My new sofa still hasn't arrived, but should be in before Thanksgiving.  12-week delivery window, since it comes from the US.

The prep-work begins for packing for my trip to CT.  British Airways allows 2 carry-ons, except for flights originating from UK airports!  However, it looks like I can check-in online from Belfast, check bags and print boarding passes!!  We're getting out of the dark ages for international flights at last!

The application for my permanent settlement visa is almost ready to go.  All that's left is picking out decent "documents" to include that prove we've lived here 2 years and send them a ridiculously large amount of money and my passports.  So, I will be goin' nowhere after I get back from CT until they process.  We don't want to ask about waiting times!