Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beer and Whisky

Sadly, my foray into whisky sampling by the dram hit a hiccup when I discovered that there was only one free sample per person! I don't blame Master of Malt, but it was a bit unclear at the start.

I did, however, order this neat pairing while ordering a bottle of whisky to take back home to my mom.  An English whisky and a London porter! Who could say no to a free bottle of beer?  The other night, with no where to drive, I sat down and opened the porter. The bottle LOOKS  big, but really it is less than 2 imperial pints so I didn't feel bad about not being able to seal it back up and drinking it that night.  I have had Meantime's London Porter before and I really love the chocolate and coffee undertones.  My 2 favorite and chocolate in a pint glass!  I then opened up the bottle of The English Whisky Co's Chapter 9.  It's nice and peaty, even though it is a very light colored dram.

Sip of one, then the next.  Hm.  Can I say "yum"? Perfect compliment.

Then I had a better brainstorm.  See...earlier in the day I had made some chocolate cookies with macadamia nuts and bourbon. Knob Creek bourbon, to be specific. One bite into the smoky flavored cookie was all it took for perfection.

So there you go. A fantastic indulgence.  Want to try? Click through my blog to Master of Malt before the special deal runs out! And have-at that cookie recipe, too.  You can diet next week!