Saturday, February 12, 2011

Whisky Bitters

I recently got my paws on a bottle of Master of Malt's new whisky bitters.  I immediately went off in search of simple recipes and came across the classic Manhattan and Old Fashion.  Easy to make, and I already had the basic ingredients!  I decided to make my Old Fashion without the addition of any soda water, or tonic, but just a few teaspoons of simple syrup, a healthy dose of bitters, ice (3 cubes), and a good shot of whiskey.  I think it was The Irishman. I also left out those pesky garnishes as I am not fond of maraschino cherries and I was out of oranges after mulling cider.
The Bitters!

One word. YUM.

Several words. Sweet, spicy-cinnamon and nutmeg, slightly fruity.

The flavors are wintery and not remotely "bitter".  A few drops will even give a bit of a kick to any regular whisky, if you're so inclined.  However, if you think it's sacrilegious, stick to adding the bitters to cocktails.  You won't be sorry.