Thursday, November 15, 2012

Skin Care

Really? Skin care? Yep. A while back, the lovely Sera suggested that I try some products by Purity Organic Skin Care.  Hooked up on the old Twitter, I was sent some samples to try. Samples.. ?! Nope, they sent full-size trials of their face wash, face scrub, regular moisturizer, overnight moisturizer, anti-aging serum, and make-up remover!  Wow.

So why on earth is this whisky-drinking blogger blogging about skin care? Because I have been fighting to find something that *works*. I have oily skin. Always have. Minor acne that rarely goes away and have tried all sorts of things to keep the oil under control and my skin clear. I've tried ProActiv.. and it worked to a degree, but god-forbid you stop using it for a month.. NIGHTMARE! I used Clinique, too. But it's so expensive...  So why shouldn't I test out some new stuff?

Anyone who's read this blog knows my style of reviews..

The face wash is awesome.. a little goes a LONG way. Cuts through through the grease and grime of the day in a flash.  I use it right after the scrub.. which is nice and gentle, but does the trick.

I am one to abhor most moisturizers. They always make me feel greasy. However, the day-time Purity one is great for after swimming! That chlorine can do a job on you, so that lives in my gym-bag.

I have found a great night-time combo, however. A little bit of the serum, followed by the overnight moisturizer. I wake up NOT feeling greasy and horrible as I usually do.

And.. the winner... the make-up remover. I think they call it the cleansing lotion..  I had a bit of a laugh at Halloween. Just to scare the kids a bit as they came around trick-or-treating.
A combination of water-based makeup and grease paints, I had envisioned a battle at the bathroom sink. Nope. I rubbed in a bit of the lotion, and rinsed. That was it. It was all gone. A washcloth to get the last bits off, but NO SCRUBBING.

A total win.  So, my UK-based people.. if you are frustrated with expensive stuff, or want some products that aren't loaded up with harsh annoying chemicals, check these guys out.  The link... it's up there. Go click it. Tell them I sent you!