Saturday, October 26, 2013

not the droid i was looking for

Poor grammar aside, last year I bought an Android phone. A nice shiny Samsung. Great screen, good battery life, and widgets. Oh, I did enjoy the widgets! It was a good phone, and a good operating system.

Unfortunately, there is still one major flaw with Android devices.. they don't talk to Apple stuff nicely. I couldn't back up my phone to my computer, and the online backup with Samsung was awful. I was able to get an app that allowed me to sync my contacts, and some of my music. The old DRM-protected stuff was a no-go.  Apparently the only workaround to get a Droid to talk to Mac is buying lots of apps, downloading various systems, etc. Everyone seems to know that the kies software never really works on a Mac.. why?! Apple has iTunes for Windows, letting PC users backup their phone stuff.. but Android phone devs still can't get there. Maybe other brands are better? Not worth finding out.

So.. upgrade time and I am back to the iPhone. It talks to my computer. It plays all my music. I will miss the widgets, but now I don't have to worry about losing my data. :)